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Over the past few weeks, SEV had been in talks with two local grassroots about the possibility of merging our efforts into one nonprofit. What we learned along the way is that each of our groups had generated significant public interest, had established solid e-mail lists, and had members whose attendance at actual meetings was sporadic to nonexistent. Building a coalition is a daunting task that requires a singleness of vision and effort, and the degree to which a coalition lacks these qualities will be reflected in terms of solidarity and efficacy. We had much respect for the vision and goals of our potential partners, but ultimately, we decided to pursue different opportunities.

When a group or an individual has a vision that will benefit society, natural exuberance abounds, but the key to long-term success (more…)


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The past few weeks have been a blur of activity as SEV has established its presence in a wide variety of collaborative sustainability networks both online and in person. These efforts produced a deluge of e-mails and phone calls, and we’re slowly building our network. This week, SEV outreached to government and business leaders while continuing to seek out volunteer opportunities with like minded grassroots and established sustainability groups. Our lead organizer has been appointed state coordinator for a university-based art project, and hopes to introduce a cadre of fine artists to the fold.

This week

  • meeting with real estate agent/community activist to discuss possible SEV sites
  • meeting with DenCity Research/SUMIT to discuss collaboration
  • meeting with Sustainable Seattle to discuss collaboration
  • meeting with City of Seattle Neighborhood Service Center rep to discuss local resources

After the week of meetings SEV will regroup to discuss organizing our first public meeting. Stay tuned…

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