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 Hiawatha Artists Lofts

Since its beginnings in Minneapolis in 1979, Artspace Projects, Inc. has created affordable live/work spaces for artists around the country. In October 2007, Artspace began accepting applications for its second Artist Loft community in Seattle. The first Seattle-based Artspace Community was the Tashiro Kaplan Artists Lofts in Pioneer Square, and the newest community is the Hiawatha Artists Loft in the Jackson Place neighborhood located in the Central District.

I learned about the Hiawatha Artists Loft project shortly after being contacted by freelance writer Diana Wurn about the research and writing I’d done in support of the Seattle EcoUrban Village project. Even though Diana’s story never materialized (such is the fate of a freelance writer), it got me thinking about affordable housing again. And as fate would have it, the universe aligned and delivered Hiawatha. Since it’s far better to join a great movement than to try to build one from scratch, I decided to put the SEV project to rest.

I’m working as a full-time artist now, and my art habit is supported by a great day job that keeps me on my toes yet leaves me energized for a weekend of artmaking.

So this is the end of the Seattle EcoUrban Village project, but it’s the beginning of new things for me. I’m keeping this blog active for others who are on the journey of building intentional community. I hope that these SEV files will provide a source of inspiration and information.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

~ Alexis Pierre-Louis


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  • Connect with CL contacts from week 2
  • Write a new CL ad and post in a new category (categories previously used include Artists and Groups)
  • Join Flickr Groups
  • Post project description on Idealist.org
  • Find & join (free) local permaculture, sustainable living, intentional community groups
  • Post project description on Intentional Communities
  • Re-read Apex’s organizing history
  • V-market (through word-of-mouth) on WordPress, Blogger, Flickr, MySpace, etc. and find more viral marketing outlets


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Once a week for the past two weeks SEV posted ads on Seattle Craig List to let people know about the project, and to either find likeminded people to get involved or to find an emerging community that SEV can merge with. Both weeks we got positive responses from people but on the first week the feedback seemed to indicate that people thought this project was already completed and all they need to do was move in.

The second week SEV clarified the ad to emphasize that SEV is a grassroots, emerging ecovillage. We got a promising result from another grassroots co-housing project, and SEV is in the process of communicating with them.

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