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The Dreamtime Festival is a collaborative festival in Paonia, Colorado that combines the educational aspects of a conference and tradeshow with the celebratory aspects of music, dance, theatre, film and and visual art. With live performances by world-class bands, workshops on themes of sustainability, personal development, individual and social responsibility, holistic healing and gift economy, participants in Dreamtime Festival “dream the future together, and create a magical and unforgettable experience that serves ourselves and the world.”

The festival runs July 19-22, 2007 and tickets can be purchased through the Dreamtime website. To learn more visit the Dreamthefuture tribe.

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  • Connect with CL contacts from week 2
  • Write a new CL ad and post in a new category (categories previously used include Artists and Groups)
  • Join Flickr Groups
  • Post project description on Idealist.org
  • Find & join (free) local permaculture, sustainable living, intentional community groups
  • Post project description on Intentional Communities
  • Re-read Apex’s organizing history
  • V-market (through word-of-mouth) on WordPress, Blogger, Flickr, MySpace, etc. and find more viral marketing outlets


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